Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Month Report

Ryan and I started our 1 quart per day of green smoothies 2 months ago. There were a few days here and there that we were traveling or dining with someone else that we didn't get to have our smoothies, but for the most part, we've stuck to the routine easily. I can now report the following positive changes we have noticed:

Weight loss - over the 2 month period, we've both lost a small amount of weight. We kept our weight at bay over the holidays drinking the smoothies and eating more raw foods, while still enjoying ALL of the holiday treats. Instead of gaining 5 - 10 pounds like most years, we stayed the same. I've lost an average of 2.5 pounds per month, and Ryan has lost an average of 5 pounds per month. It is very, very slow, but I predict that it will continue for a long time and we will both eventually weigh in around the range we'd like to be. Most likely because of all the water we drink, our weight really fluctuates during the course of a week. I'm sure it all depends on the time and day we step on the scale. Though our weight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds for me and up to 10 pounds for Ryan, we notice that the range of fluctuation is shifting down the scale ever so slowly.* *Neither of us are "working out" right now, but we are both pretty active people.

Good skin - our skin all over is softer and smoother, with more even tone. Our faces have done some reverse aging. The collagen and vitamin E in the leafy greens have filled in our wrinkles. We both look like we did on the day we got married 5 years and two kids ago. Awesome! Also, it feels good to put on clothes. Clothes feel better when your skin is healthy. I always thought that feeling uncomfortable in your clothes was a weight issue, but it is also a skin issue.

Emme loves apples!
Thinner Tummies - though the weight loss has been minimal, we have both noted that our stomachs are quite flat. We've since learned that gluten and animal proteins cause inflammation in the abdominal cavity. Since we are eating 80% (or so) plant based as well as experimenting with gluten free breads, this makes sense that our tummies would appear so much thinner. It is as if we've been doing sit ups. I haven't done a single one. I noticed that over Christmas break, when we were eating more meat and sweets, our stomachs pooched back out, but now that the holidays are over and we are back at our normal routine, we're back to flat.

Better Body Shape - If we didn't have a scale, we'd probably both assume we've lost twice as much weight as we have. Our bodies seem tighter. The lines are smoother. Our clothes look and feel better. Our bodies seem younger.

More Energy - oh yes, we both have more energy. Our spirits seem a little bit uplifted, as well. Interestingly, we both seem to be requiring more sleep than before. I surmise that a healthy body needs a lot of good sleep. I think we are sleeping deeper, as well. A very good thing to note is that we no longer have that mid-afternoon slump. We don't feel the need for caffeine any time of day.

Taste Changes - I'm starting to understand that we have to re-learn what chocolate is supposed to taste like and how delicious an ordinary apple actually is. Raw food tastes better than cooked. It really does. It just takes a little while to learn it and appreciate it.

Shinier Hair - I can't speak for Ryan, but my hair has been a lot shinier lately. It seems to be growing faster and thicker like it did when I was pregnant. It looks pretty good.

Satisfied by Food - I am more satisfied by the food I am eating. I do a lot less wandering into the kitchen to browse the options after meals. I desire sweets and desserts a lot less than before. It's nice.

No More Meds - Ryan was able to stop taking Tums every night before bed for heartburn (yay). He is also controlling his high blood pressure with diet and some natural supplements rather than that dumb old prescription that has a lot of negative side effects. I've been able to stop taking Ibuprofen twice a day to control arthritis pain. We've noticed that we aren't having headaches as often as we used to. We feel better not having to take meds. In 2 months, I've taken Aleve twice: once for a headache and once for shoulder pain and that is it. Even menstrual cramps are lighter and I have been able to get through them without meds.

Craving Water - when we started the green smoothies, we also started measuring our water intake. We make ourselves drink 2 cups when we first wake up. Once I mastered that, I increased mine to 1 quart! It's not that hard to do after a while because you crave it.

More Alkaline - There are a lot of benefits to an alkaline system. The most obvious one to me is that I can take my Shaklee vitamins on an empty stomach without puking! I used to just gag and gag and turn white and feel terrible until I quickly ate something starchy to soak them up. Now, I can wake up and take them with water and have no side effects.

Happier - I think the combination of having a common goal of health and wellness for our family, doing it together and really enjoying our food has made us happier people. We are just doing great.

Of course, there are a few unmentionables that I will leave up to your imagination. If either of us ever has a serious illness come up, including cancer or disease, we will modify our current diet in alignment with the Gerson Therapy. We believe in nutrition.

Love you!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to hit the 2 month mark! : )

  2. I also have not been taking any tums since starting and haven't had any of the same headaches that used to require acetaminophen. At first I was a little worried about costs of all the fresh raw food, but once I realized all the other "meds" that we would not need to buy any longer, I think this could be cheaper!