Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sushi Rolls!

We're having pretty good luck with introducing our new Raw/MedterrAsian diet to the kids. Last night, we had California Rolls and Miso Soup and everyone really enjoyed it. This is a shot of the fam right before Brie said the prayer...


  1. That's awesome. Taylor looks super excited! : ) Did you make them yourselves?

  2. Yeah, we made them ourselves. I'm sure our seaweed was low quality (I read that if it is green, it is low quality. High quality nori is black.) Also, we used Krab. But we did put raw carrots, yellow squash, green onions and fresh avocado in it... Also we used liquid aminos mixed with soy sauce half and half for the dipping sauce. The liquid aminos are supposed to be better for you than the "americanized" soy sauce.