Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grocery Store Chatter

Yesterday Maddie and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for our green smoothies.  As we were checking out the cashier suddenly stopped to make sure she wasn't ringing up the lady's things behind me (she didn't see the little separation bar).  And then the lady behind me said, "Oh I don't think she would want to go home with any of my things.  She's getting all healthy stuff."  And then the cashier looked around at everything we were getting and she said, "Man, you do eat healthy!" And then I told them it's because we've been drinking green smoothies!
This is what we came home with...
It does feel good to buy all of these great things, and people really notice it.  We are so weird : )

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  1. That is a good story! I can relate. When I go to the store and load up on so many fresh things without a label, I know people notice, too. Doesn't it feel good to be buying "real food" that doesn't have a single thing in it but the food you want?

    I see you have a big piece of ginger root there. We used the Vita-Mix and made a really delicious Japanese inspired ginger salad dressing for our greens. I love it with avocado slices and pieces of Raw Flax Crackers. I will post the recipes for both of those.