Thursday, January 20, 2011

Da Bloat

So I have also been drinking green smoothies c/o Mara and Ryan! I wanted to add my two cents to the blog. I have a long ways to go. Here is a bit of history on me:
I lost a lot of weight about three years ago. After I had my kids, I stayed the same weight as a 9 month pregnant lady. :-( I woke up one morning determined to change, and I never looked back. I took my time and lost weight the healthy way. I was careful with calories and ate plenty of protein. I did Pilates two days a week, and I ran four days a week. I eventually trained and ran a half marathon. It was a blast, and I felt so good about myself. I was at my smallest weight around 146. That is a good healthy weight for a 5'8", 32 year old woman. Last November, I had a hysterectomy. It was not by choice, and I was devastated. The last year of my life has brought many challenges. I am embarrassed to admit to crazy hormones, depression, acne, weight gain, anxiety, hair name it. I am basically a dog. Seriously, I am not a dog, but I have felt pretty lame lately.
Why am I sharing this on the Internet? I am asking myself the same question right now. I think it is for accountability. I am ready to change, and I do not want to do a diet. I am not as concerned with my weight as I am with my health. Mara told me that our number one concern when it comes to our bodies should be health. It has really stuck with me. I find myself thinking of it when I make food decisions.
I started drinking the green smoothies. I have yet to purchase a Vitamix. Fortunately, Mara lives two blocks away. Here is what I am finding for myself.
1. My kids love them.
2. My wedding ring is loose again. (My hands had swelled so much recently)
3. I feel productive when I drink my smoothies.
4. I haven't lost weight, but the bloat is going away.
5. I definitely have more energy.
6. My hair is shinier.
7. I crave the smoothies. When my smoothie is done, I want more right away!

I am excited to incorporate green smoothies and more raw food into my life. When I had started researching what Mara and Ryan introduced to their life, one thing really stood out. I learned that when you take the healthy greens, fruits and other items and create a smoothie, the nutrients are put into your system immediately. Eating an apple or handful of carrots is good for you in many ways, but it does not instantly put those nutrients into your body. It takes time to digest them.
I also learned about cooking the vegetables and losing those nutrients. It will take time for my family, but we will eat more raw food. One challenge I am facing is that I am alone 5 days a week. My husband travels for work, and I don't see it changing anytime in the future. I find myself not cooking meals, seeking a simple plan. I am open to any tips you can offer in that regards.
Thank you allowing me to post something on this blog that is difficult for me to talk about. I will continue to update my progress on health. I also know that all of you use GO SHAKLEE!!

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God with your body.
Lynn Valdez


  1. Go Lynn! Half the battle is the decision to do something healthy for yourself, so you've already surpassed that hurdle.

  2. Go Lynn! That is a really heartfelt post. I hope good things happen for you. I like your green smoothie photo. Here's a toast to a Vita-Mix in your near future.

  3. We just got an email that the Vita-Mix is going to be on sale on QVC on Sunday! woot-woot!