Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garlic Scapes

I've been waiting months for this. Hardneck varieties of garlic produce shoots out the top called "scapes". They are edible and taste like garlic, but less harsh. I've really been excited to try them. They say you cut them off while they are still curly because they are more tender at that stage. Cutting them causes the plant to make bigger garlic bulbs because the energy isn't spent on the scape. I left one or two out there because this is what eventually will bloom and I'd like to see that happen. I probably cut about 15 of them.

Tonight for a connection group we made garlic scape pesto. It definitely has a strong garlic flavor! If you eat it with bread I don't believe the flavor is too much.

BTW, the food processor did a better job on this than the Vitamix. There just wasn't enough stuff in the carafe for the Vitamix to do a good job. There was some scape below the blade that wasn't touched, and a couple were floating around above the blades that we couldn't even push down using the tamper. Eventually it may have got the job done, but I had lost patience by then. Plus its so hard to get all the food out from the bottom of the carafe.

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  1. I had no idea garlic had "scapes!" We planted two bulbs this year for the first time, but it will probably be next millennium before they grow in this cold weather. Boo.